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Download the entire United States Zip Code Database. All Zip code records contain geographic latitude and longitude, city, state and Time Zone information. More details.

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Zip Code Data Fields

The zip code database is provided in an easy to use comma-delimited (CSV) format containing the following fields.

  • 5 digit Zip Code
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • City
  • State
  • Time Zone

The table below shows how the zip codes, geo data, cities, states, and time zones fields included in the database are organized.

Zip Code Latitude Longitude City State Time Zone
5098330.48682-96.79086DES MOINESIAEST

Zip Code Information & Resources

Useful techniques for managing and using Zip Code data, as well as information on how to create your own Zip Code tools can be found in resources section of this web site.

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Whether you are using Zip Codes for, marketing, verifying customers, routing and navigation, or identifing special areas like those prone to natural disasters, our Zip Code Database can help you in your tasks. Download a your own copy of our Zip Code Database now.